The Rainmaker "Bet On Yourself" Book Challenge is BACK!
Last year we had a crazy idea... would you be willing to BET on your success?

We sat down and recorded this video to explain how it works:
Last year we read a book that was so complimentary to what we do in Rainmakers
(helping families build passive income streams online).

As we read, we were thinking... 
EVERYONE who wants to make money online needs to read this.

But how many times have you bought a book with high hopes,
only to have it sit on your nightstand collecting dust?

So here’s our idea...

We have high hopes and big dreams for this next year.

I'm sure you do too!

Our goal is to help your family completely transform your business and life for the better!

IF that’s something you’d be into for 2022, keep reading...

If we’re going to do this together, 
we need to start the year with a foundation you can build on.

And this book contains that very foundation.

It’s so perfect for Rainmakers, we're willing to do something crazy...
but you have to promise us you’ll play by the rules.

We’re going to do another BET ON YOURSELF BOOK CHALLENGE.

During the first 30 days of 2022,
 we’ll read the book together inside our Rainmaker group.

Here’s the catch...

For the *first 300 people* who want to take this challenge, we’ll buy you the book.

Completely for free ❤️


If you don’t finish the book in 30 days, you have to PAY $200.

This is what we call "betting on yourself".

There's something about putting some healthy pressure on yourself that can help you stay in momentum and reach a totally reachable goal.

The other catch is...

You don’t know what the book is until you join!

All you know is...

• It's a perfect compliment to what we teach in Rainmakers

• It is for future millionaires and will help you map out practical steps to get there

• It's a normal sized book
(don’t worry we're not going to give you a 20,000 page book to read 😂)

• There's an audio version of the book available too for those who love audible

• You'll achieve an awesome result within our community of other motivated families

p.s. oh and there will be prizes 🥳🥳🥳
You In? 
Remember: This is a "no excuses" challenge. No matter what happens in the next 30 days, you have to complete the book or you will pay $200.

You up for the challenge?
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